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Our Services

At YExC Consultancy, we offer a wide spectrum of services tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our services are designed to empower organizations and individuals, providing them with the tools and knowledge to excel. Explore our services.

Training with Certification

In today's competitive job market, having the right skills and qualifications is paramount. YExC Consultancy offers specialized training programs designed to meet international standards and culminate in certification. Our training courses cover a wide range of fields and are tailored to enhance your professional credentials. Whether you're looking to advance your career or stay updated in your industry, our training with certification programs equips you with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Investment Establishment and Rebranding

At YExC Consultancy, we understand that establishing a new investment venture or revitalizing your existing business image is a significant undertaking. Our experienced team provides comprehensive guidance to navigate the complexities of the investment landscape in Ethiopia. We conduct thorough feasibility studies, market research, and competitor analysis to help you make informed decisions. Our expertise extends to crafting business plans that not only outline your vision but also provide a clear roadmap to success. Whether you're a startup or an established business seeking a fresh start, our investment establishment and rebranding services are tailored to empower you to achieve your objectives.


In today's rapidly evolving business environment, data-driven decisions are key to success. YExC Consultancy is your strategic partner in obtaining valuable insights through in-depth research and analysis. We delve into market trends, consumer behavior, and industry dynamics to provide you with actionable intelligence. Our research services equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed choices, identify growth opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you're planning a new venture or seeking to enhance your current strategies, our research expertise ensures that you're well-equipped for the journey ahead.

Project Proposal and Project Fund Request

Securing funding for your projects is often a critical challenge. YExC Consultancy specializes in helping you craft compelling project proposals that not only showcase the feasibility and benefits of your initiatives but also resonate with potential funders. Our team assists you in identifying suitable funding sources, preparing fund requests, and navigating the intricate world of project financing. We are dedicated to simplifying this process, ensuring that your projects receive the financial support they deserve, and helping you turn your ideas into reality.

Training without Certification

Not all training needs require formal certification, but they do demand excellence. YExC Consultancy provides customized training solutions that address your specific requirements. These programs focus on skill development, capacity building, and knowledge enhancement. While formal certification may not be the goal, our certificate of completion attests to your commitment to personal and professional growth. We tailor our training without certification to empower you or your organization with practical skills and expertise that drive success.

Policy-Making and Ethiopian Investment Policy as a Stakeholder

Effective policy-making is instrumental in shaping a conducive business environment. YExC Consultancy collaborates closely with government agencies, policymakers, and stakeholders to provide expert guidance in policy development and implementation. We actively engage in shaping Ethiopian investment policies to foster economic growth, attract domestic and foreign investments, and create a regulatory framework that supports sustainable development. Our commitment to policy advocacy is geared towards empowering businesses, enhancing competitiveness, and driving economic progress in Ethiopia.

International Certification Programs

Elevate your professional standing and gain international recognition with YExC Consultancy's range of internationally recognized certification programs. In partnership with renowned certification bodies, we offer programs covering a wide array of disciplines. These certifications validate your expertise, improve your career prospects, and provide a competitive edge in your industry. Whether you're an individual looking to enhance your qualifications or an organization seeking to upskill your workforce, our international certification programs offer the pathway to excellence.

School System Development

Quality education is the foundation of a prosperous society. YExC Consultancy is committed to supporting educational institutions in enhancing their curriculum, teaching methodologies, and overall school systems. We provide consultancy services that promote quality education, student-centered learning, and the development of 21st-century skills. Our team collaborates with schools and educational stakeholders to create environments where students thrive, educators excel, and communities benefit from well-rounded education systems.

Technical and Non-Technical Training

Skill development is at the heart of personal and organizational growth. YExC Consultancy delivers comprehensive training programs in both technical and non-technical domains to cater to diverse client requirements. Our training modules cover areas such as IT, engineering, management, leadership, soft skills, and more. We believe that empowering individuals and organizations with the right knowledge and skills is the key to sustainable success. Our tailored training programs ensure that you or your workforce are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of today's dynamic business landscape.

Warehousing and Shipping, and Transit

Efficient logistics and supply chain management are essential for businesses to thrive. YExC Consultancy offers logistics and supply chain consulting services with a focus on warehousing, shipping, and transit operations. Our team assists clients in optimizing their logistics processes, improving efficiency, and reducing operational costs. We analyze your supply chain from end to end, identifying areas for improvement, streamlining operations, and enhancing overall performance. Our goal is to empower you with logistics solutions that drive success and ensure the seamless movement of goods and services.

Corporate Strategic Planning

In a rapidly changing business world, strategic planning is the cornerstone of success. YExC Consultancy assists organizations in developing comprehensive strategic plans that define their long-term vision, goals, and objectives. Our consultants work closely with clients to analyze the internal and external environment, identify growth opportunities, and formulate effective strategies. We help organizations align their resources, capabilities, and activities with their strategic objectives to drive sustainable success. Our corporate strategic planning services provide you with a roadmap to navigate the complexities of the business landscape and achieve your goals.

Strategic Maturity Measurement

Assessing your organization's strategic maturity is essential for effective planning and decision-making. YExC Consultancy utilizes industry-standard frameworks and tools to measure your strategic maturity level. Our consultants identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations to enhance your strategic capabilities. By understanding your current state of maturity, you can make informed decisions and take actions that drive your organization towards higher levels of success. Our strategic maturity measurement services are designed to empower you with the insights needed to excel in a competitive business environment.

Application of Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework is a powerful tool for aligning activities with strategic objectives. YExC Consultancy guides organizations in implementing BSC, helping them define key performance indicators (KPIs), establish performance targets, and develop balanced scorecards covering financial, customer, internal process, and learning and growth perspectives. We support organizations in monitoring performance, tracking progress, and making data-driven decisions based on BSC metrics. Our BSC services empower you to align your actions with your strategic vision, ensuring that you stay on course towards your long-term goals.

Corporate Resource Evaluation

Efficient resource allocation and utilization are essential for organizational success. YExC Consultancy assists organizations in evaluating their resource allocation and utilization to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. Our consultants conduct comprehensive assessments of an organization's resources, including financial, human, technological, and physical assets. We provide recommendations to improve resource allocation, streamline processes, and enhance resource utilization to maximize organizational performance. Our corporate resource evaluation services empower you to make informed decisions about resource allocation and achieve optimal results.

Investment Framework Development

Making sound investment decisions requires a robust framework and methodology. YExC Consultancy helps organizations develop comprehensive investment frameworks to evaluate potential opportunities. Our consultants work closely with clients to define investment criteria, conduct feasibility studies, perform risk assessments, and develop financial models. We assist organizations in making informed investment decisions, optimizing their investment portfolios, and maximizing return on investment (ROI). Our investment framework development services provide you with the tools and insights needed to navigate the complex world of investments and achieve your financial goals.